Top Ten Reasons to See The Baron’s Men: Reason 4 – Acting! Genius!

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

All nerds know the fable of how Harrison Ford was a carpenter on the set of Star Wars when Lucas asked him to step in and help read lines, thus propelling him into one of the most iconic roles in film history. (If you don’t know this, shame on you, turn in your nerd card at the door.) This openness to synchronicity is one of the factors that make The Baron’s Men so entertaining. With sponsored auditions held six months before a new show, they are literally a troupe of the people, for the people.  Take the late addition to the cast, Randy Egan, for example.  Randy happened to be waiting on Director Casey Weed at lunch, impressing him with his “excess of charm and personality.”  The director asked Randy if he had ever acted and was surprised to find out that no, Randy had never been on stage since his school days.  Lo and behold, a month later Randy is one of the shining surprises that form the cast of The Alchemist.  Another first time player for The Baron’s Men is Joshua Morretto.  Acting for the first time since his college days Joshua plays the part of Abel Drugger (picture Booger from Revenge of the Nerds as a shop keep who’s only desire is to be bowed and scraped to by all other shop keeps.)  The long lay-off has had no ill effects on his comedic timing, which threatens to steal each scene he isin.  Indeed, Director Casey Weed has skimmed the cream of the crop off the top of the at-large Austin acting populace and the show will reap the rewards.

That is not to say, however, that there are no veterans of the theatre in the play.  The show features several B. Iden Payne winners and nominees- Bridget Farias and Heath Thompson.  Eva McQuade’s portrayal of Kastril shows us the folly of not allowing women on stage in Shakespeare’s day.  Eva brings to her performance of the angry boy, an archetypal Napoleonic complex 200 years before the Little Tyrant was born, the experience of dozens of plays and performances, a wealth of knowledge that is sure to capture the audience.  Topping the bill for The Alchemist cast is Todd Kassens as Subtle, the homeless pimp and master con-man.  Although this is his first time with The Baron’s Men, Todd is veteran on the Austin acting scene, with performances at The Hidden Room Theatre and a portrayal of King Hamlet’s Ghost that was haunting (yeah, I went there.) From his pointy beard to his presence on stage Director Casey Weed couldn’t be more pleased with his casting of Todd. The fact is, whether it be first time player or veteran of the scene, the cast of The Alchemist is sure to tickle your funny bone, raise your ire, and all around make you glad you’re not a whore.  Go see The Baron’s Men.  Who knows, maybe you will be on stage in the Fall.

The Baron’s Men Present – The Alchemist by Ben Jonson

Thu-Sat evenings at 8:00 from April 12th to April 28th

The Curtain Theatre, Austin, Texas!/events/278532692221245/


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