Top Ten Reasons to See The Baron’s Men: Reason 5 – Fancy Duds

Posted: April 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

Full disclosure here…I love wearing super hero costumes. I have a Superman tank top that I love sporting around town and when a friend recently had a superhero costume party, I’ll be honest; I wore the rental under my clothes for the next couple of days. Not in a“Vigilante-Kick-Ass-Something-To-Prove” way, but more of an “I refer to myself as Bonecrusher, of course I have delusions of grandeur” kind of way. Let’s be honest, the clothes make the man (or woman, Bonecrusher is an equal opportunity cliché artists.) Austin was recently voted one of the worst dressed cities in America. That might sound like a slight, but I believe it is part of what makes this town so cool. If what we wear effects who we are, then we are a population of laid back, march to our own drummer, Come-and-Take-It Texans that could really care less about what the fashion world thinks. Just as we feel saucy and proper when we don our black tie garb we feel down to earth and relaxed in out cargo shorts and Keens (or heroic and adventurous in our cape.)

This power clothing has over us is part of what makes The Baron’s Men performances so captivating. The attention to detail the troupe puts into costume design serves not only to pull the shroud of illusion over the audience’s eyes but also imbues the actors with the soul of Thespis. And what detail! 300 yards of new fabric and trim for The Merchant alone.  Fostered in the womb of the SCA, a society that strives for authenticity, The Baron’s Men painstakingly research the proper dress for the period and do their best to recreate it. Sewing parties are held weekly as the troupe stitches together costumes that could have been worn by Lord Chamberlain himself. Some member of the sewing circle come from as far as Houston.  Add to that all the crowns, capes and shoes that are hand made by The Baron’s Men, and the payoff is worth the sore fingers and tired eyes. These finely crafted costumes are the thread that weaves together the stage, the authentic script and the rabble-rousing crowd into a truly magical evening of Elizabethan theater. Go see The Baron’s Men and witness the best dressed people in Austin.

The Baron’s Men Present – The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare

Fridays and Saturdays April 5th-27th, Thursdays April 18th & 25th

The Curtain Theatre, Austin, Texas

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    greaat pic!

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