Top Ten Reasons to See The Baron’s Men: Reason 7 – The Curtain Theate

Posted: March 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ever wonder why Lord of the Rings won 17 Academy Awards and Star Wars only won 10?  (Sorry Lucas, I have been a fan boy since age 3, but really, “Hold Me Annie, Hold me like you did by the lakes of Naboo”?  Really?)  Authenticity!  That is the answer, my friends.  Instead of Manikin Skywalker standing in front of a blue screen trying to create the scene from nothing, Frodo and Sam are in the depths of Mordor, fighting for their very survival.  Peter Jackson took a year to create the sets of LOTR, allowing the flora to grow in naturally, and that depth of set design is felt not only by the audience, but by the actors as well.  Richard Garriott knows this.  That is why he built the Curtain Theatre for the Baron’s Men, his former cohorts from the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA…people that get dressed up in medieval garb and drink from goblets).  Garriott built the Curtain Theatre, a 1/3 scale replica of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, in an effort to give the troupe a place to call home and to give the public a slice of authenticity. The investment has paid off.  The 220 seat theatre transports the crowd back to 16th century England like no standard set design can.  The extreme effort the Baron’s Men put into recreating authentic Elizabethan performances shines in the light of the flaming braziers while the voice of Shakespeare can almost be heard echoing off the cozy wooden façade.  Go see the Baron’s Men and travel back to the 16th century.  Not to worry, no plague this time.

The Baron’s Men Present – The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare

Fridays and Saturdays April 5th-27th, Thursdays April 18th & 25th

The Curtain Theatre, Austin, Texas


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