Top Ten Reasons to See The Baron’s Men: Reason 8 – Picnic in the Park

Posted: March 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

A draft beer at Cowboys Stadium?  9 bucks.  A sandwich?  14 bucks.  A large pizza?  90 bucks.  Sitting beneath the stars while dining on the feast of your choosing, all while being entertained by top-notch Shakespearian actors?  Priceless.  That’s right.  One of the best things about seeing the Baron’s Men is bringing a picnic of fruits, cheeses, and of course the adult beverage of your choice.  A nice white wine is perfect to wash down the piety of Malvolio, while a good stout beer helps stoke the fire needed for Henry V.  A couple of suggestions, though.  The actors are not mic’d, so leave the crinkly wrappers at home.  Or better yet, show up early and enjoy a picnic on the beautiful grounds Mr. Garriott has provided (more on that later).  So what’s better than dollar dog night at the ball game?  Free Picnic night under the stars.  Go see the Baron’s Men and feast not only your body, but your mind and soul as well.

The Baron’s Men Present – The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare

Fridays and Saturdays April 5th-27th, Thursdays April 18th & 25th

The Curtain Theatre, Austin, Texas

  1. monsterdogz says:

    Thanks for promoting this awesome troupe and the Curtain! I’ve seen several of their performances, and was wowed by every single one. I know The Alchemist will be incredible! Is there an OMG button? The Baron’s Men deserve one!

  2. monsterdogz says:

    Kudos for the shout on The Baron’s Men! I’ve seen several of their performances at the Curtain, and there is simply nothing like it. Every one of their productions has brought belly laughs, huzzahs and OMG’s! I’m sure The Alchemist will be one fantastic evening!

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